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Russian Salad

1 cup diced boiling potatoes (½ inch cubes)

1 cup diced carrots (½ inch cubes)

1 cup frozen peas

1 lb medium shrimp, shelled and deveined

½ cup (or more) good-quality bottled mayonnaise

juice of ½ large lemon

¼ cup capers and/or gherkins


cherry tomatoes

• In salted water, boil potatoes, carrots, and peas until fork tender. Drain and cool them to room temperature.

• Boil shrimp in salted water for a very short time. Cool to room temperature and dice to the same size as the vegetables. (Reserve a few whole to decorate.)

• In a bowl, add lemon juice to mayonnaise and stir until mixture is smooth. Add potatoes, carrots, peas, capers, and cut-up shrimp, and fold it gently with rubber spatula. Adjust seasoning.

• Serve in salad plates on a bed of watercress and tomatoes. Decorate with reserved shrimp.

Serves six as first course.

A glass of finely perfumed Pouilly Fumé would be delightful. Its high acidity would cut the creaminess of the mayonnaise.

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